Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bed Rock!

Yesterday after school went over to Leysha's place.
Chilled for awhile, showered, ate lunch and off we went to ou.
I needed to get a birthday gift and so did they.
They're going to Lee's friend Tanay's birthday party later.
I didn't wanna go cause it starts at freaking 12am. -.-
Before leaving, i ate my flu meds. Freaking drowsy shits!
Floated around ou. Got our stuffs, then my dad picked us up.

Slept all the way home, got down, continued sleeping.
During tuition i was freaking stonned too. Haha!
But first time after a long time i wasn't late to tuition. :D
After tuition, suppose to go home and change first before going out.
Guess what? I forgot my house keys. GREAT. Just great.
Stopped by Leysha's house instead, changed, and left.
4 of us, Leysha, Kahoe, Jin and i went for a Yasmin Ahmad charity event.
Where they played all her commercials. Super sappy ):
After that, they dropped me home cause i wasnt going for the party.
Waited for awhile for my dad to come home with the KEYS!

Oh well, tonight is Xin Yi's birthday party.
It starts at 7.30pm. But me being me. I'll leave at 7.30. Haha :D
See you guys there whoever that's going.
Hopefully it'll be a blast! Then, tomorrow morning i got my bengkel.

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