Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tioman Trip

Day 1:

We boarded the plane around 10am.
Surprisingly no delay or whatsoever since we're Malaysians.
Maybe cause we took the Berjaya Air and not Air Asia.
The plane is super small and old-ish. We had to walk the stairs.
After 50 minutes or so, we reached Tioman! Woot!
BUT, the weather was bad, it was slightly drizzling.
We took the shutter bus to the lobby of the Berjaya resort.

After a long and inefficient service, we got our rooms!
2 of us in each room. 4 of us upstairs and 2 more downstairs.
It's not a building, but more of a chalet type with ground and first floor.
We checked out the room, it's alright. Changed, and went for lunch!
We walked out of the resort to this Chinese Restaurant for lunch.
Opposite was a malay stall. Kai Wen checked it out and it had screen!
To watch football that is. So, we planned to come later to watch the game.
And the place had BBQ food, and just normal malay food.

Did a lil bit of duty free shopping, and went back to the chalet.
Chill for awhile, changed into our bikinis and off we went!
Walked around the beach, checked the price for snorkeling, kayaking...
It cost like a bomb. So we decided to go only for the snorkeling.
Jumped into the pool for awhile, play around.
Then, we all chilled at the pool side bar. Ordered a few drinks.
It felt good. It felt like we were actually on an island trip!

Soon, we went back to the chalet to get ready for dinner.
Walked down to the same chinese restaurant again.
Had the typical chinese food. Walked back to the chalet.
Chilled there again for awhile, before going to the malay stall for the game.
Reached there about 9ish. Well, the game is starting at 10pm.
We all had our eye on a local guy there. Teehee :P

The guy took so long to serve our food, but in the end it was worth it.
Cause he actually carved the food and decorated the sauce.
Germany won freaking 4-0. Screaming my head of there. Haha!
I was the only Germany supporter among my sisters.
Either they're not interested in football or they support Argentina.
Oh well, in your face! Germany won! Haha.

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