Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily 10

1. My birthday celebration is tonight.
Not much people this time compared to my 15th Birthday.
Well, people are still at their hometown or Father's Day celebration. :/

2. My birthday is in 2 days. :D
Yay, i'm finally 17! Meaning, i can drive soon.
Give me a month or so.

3. I did actually study this holidays.
Just a lil bit and i tried to finish my add maths assignment.
It's mostly done, just some parts that i don't know how to.

4. Cheer '10 is in like 3 weeks or 21 days.
Well, i'm sure we can make it into Top 20 this year. (:
Work hard girls, and it WILL pay off.

5. I'm in dying need to shop. :D
I seem to wear the same clothes over and over again.
Why? Cause i have a closet full of clothes but i got nothing to wear.

6. I re modified this blogskin. Like it? Comment on the chatbox!
It took quite long lah, I did it yesterday.

7. Since most of my camwhore pictures are gone,
I HAVE TO CAMWHORE AGAIN! Haha, yes, it's good news.
People, bring your dslrs tonight. Lazy to use my cheap camera.

8. My readers are back!
Use to have like 20 readers a day or so.
But now it's back to the usual number. Like, 60-70.
I think it was cause of my lack of updates. Haha! I'm totally innocent.

9. After Cheer '10, i'm full time SPM nerd!
Haha, yes don't blame me for being nerdy. I want a scholarship!

10. I'll still be blogging. Till i stop? :D

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