Saturday, June 26, 2010


I got my laptop back and all, but it's still the same.
But, it only happens when i use it. Or certain people.
So, he couldn't really fix it cause he couldn't find the problem.
Anyway, i'm going to get a new one then.

I stayed over my sister's place yesterday.
Went to McD to teach some stuff for their competition.
Then, Lu Wen and i went back to her place.
This morning, went to the airport to pick Kai Wen up.
Woot! She's back. And she bought me something for my birthday!
Loves. :D It's a cute sling bag from Aussie. :D

They're going to Tioman next weekend.
I don't know whether can i go. I hope that i can!
Cause it's like saturday, sunday and monday. That's why. D:
I'll just beg my dad. Cause actually

1. I haven't been on a trip for so long.
2. I got pretty good results for my mid-term. :D
3. I told him from last year i wanted to go on a island vacation.

HOPEFULLY! *cross fingers*

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