Sunday, June 20, 2010


Was watching Starstruck on Disney Channel just now.
I love the movie. Isn't it every girl's fantasy now?
Fall in love with some hot movie star, and yes he is CUTE!
And, i love the lyrics to a few songs in the movie.
It was so touching. *tears*

I'll be your hero

I, I can be everything you need
If you're the one for me
Like gravity I'll be unstoppable

I, yeah I believe in destiny
I may be an ordinary guy
With heart and soul
But if you're the one for me then
Then I'll be your hero

Here I am
With all my heart
I hope you understand
I know I let you down
But I'm never gonna make that mistake again
You brought me closer to who I really am
Come take my hand
I want the world to see
What you mean to me
What you mean to me

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