Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This weekend had been the bomb. Let's see what i've done.

Left my place with Sheryll, Leysha and Yana round 1ish
My dropped us off at Midvalley for the Levi's Flash Mob.
Had rehersals and just chilling "backstage" till it was time.
So, we did the show, we were awesome! :DDD
They cheered for our "show and go". Nyahahahhaha. :P

Then, we walked around, went Sushi King for buka puasa.
There was a Amateur Entrepreneur Festival at the exhibition area.
It was practically HEAVEN! Haha, i bought a few stuff. :D

1. 2 rings. 1 for me and 1 is for Ashley, the galfwen (:
2. High-waisted skirt, also for Ashley. Hehe.
3. Statement tee that i've wanted for quite long.
4. Racer back top.

Cause there's a mega sale and the festival so I went again. Haha!
But! This time with my asset. The mother! Lol.
I practically went crazy there man. It's like, ooh that's nice, and that.
So i bought, quite a lot of stuff, but it's worth it. :D

1. Slingbag.
2. 2 skirts from Cotton On.
3. Grey cardigan from Cotton On.
4. High-waisted skirt.
5. Racer back top.
6. Long chain necklace.

The skirts that i got from Cotton On were too small. ):
Yeah, i'm gaining weight, so what huh? Lol!
So my mum and i went back there for lunch and to change it.
While walking around, my mum wanted to get a mani and pedi.
Okay, she went and get it, and i walked around.
Then, met up with Irwin, just to hang out for awhile.
Went back to the place to meet my mum after that.
And guess what? I got a new phone. Hehehhehe! I'm freaking excited.

1. 2 plain tops from FOS.
2. E5-00. Woots! :DD

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