Monday, August 9, 2010


SPM is drawing near, soon it'll be a 2digit days left.
Crap, have to start studying MORE.
Not that i'm not studying, i do, just not enough.
Not enough to get what i want in the future.
The pass weekend was a bomb, hanging out with Sheryll.

She stayed over on Friday night after tuition.
We hanged out at Safa first, then Leysha's place.
Talking about horoscopes, playing uno stacko. Hilarious.

On Saturday, Sheryll and i went to Midvalley.
Just for fun, haven't been there in AGES. Seriously.
It's not too bad after you get the hang of it i guess. (:
Wanted to catch a movie, but super super long que.
So instead just shopped a bit, checked out Levis and FOOD.
My mom sent us there, and we took the ktm and bus back.
Funny experience i would say. :P

Then Sheryll stayed over AGAIN! Woot.
We watched Mean Girls. Well, she watched it.
I fell asleep half way, she actually watched it ONCE only -.-
She failed as a girl. It's THE girl bible man!
Her mom picked her up the next day around 1ish i guess.

So yes, FUN FUN FUN!

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