Sunday, August 29, 2010


Gosh, i'm so exhausted from gym class today.
Seriously, after warm up and strength work, I was tired already.
That's what I get for stopping for 2-3 months. Hehe. :D
Oh well! Today was fun. Not too many people.
And... I got my front handspring back! Woots. I've missed you.
Haha! Apparently I always had it. Just that I'm scared for comp.
As long as I have it now. Anyway, tomorrow got school.
I'm so tired and lazy to go. But.. should I? That depends.
Then.. at night going dinner then to DPC with Sheryll and the sister.
More fun on Girls Night Out Version 2.0. This time, DSLR!
Stay tuned for more pictures from yesterday and tomorrow. :DD

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