Saturday, August 14, 2010

Used To

I've taught myself never to fall,
No matter how fast or how deep,
Through experience, through it all,
It's love that really hurts and kills.

The day we met, i felt alive,
Though I was crumbling inside,
All i did was try to survive,
You caught me off guard.

Those were the days that,
I loved, missed and needed.

A whole new world has overcame me,
I use to believe in love and eternity,
Then I was crushed and thrown away,
So, now forever doesn't exist.

Boy, don't you think that,
You're the only one,
It's just that you haven't met,
One as vulnerable as you.

Picture perfect memories pushed aside,
Into a hidden corner of your mind,
All you wanna do is runaway,
Till the nightmare has subside.

Don't expect anything of me,
Don't regret all you've done,
Stop looking at me and start to see,
That i'm just a girl,
A girl who use to love.

Copyright Jojo Productions 2010
Written by: Jolene Lee

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