Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

(MSN conversation)
Ally: Omg, aren't you excited that we'll be going to Paris this weekend?
Sonya: Yes! I can't wait. Let the romance adventure begin!
Ally: Haha, true that. The place is beauuu-ti---fullll.
Sonya: Don't forget to pack your camera. It'll be awesome. Can't wait!
Ally: And can you believe that our folks actually lets us both go on our own?
Sonya: Well, we're 17. And this is our senior year.
Ally: Anyway, see you soon. Come sleep over my place on Friday aite?
Sonya: Sure sure. Love you.

Sonya buries her face into her pillow and screams. She was the happiest girl on earth right at that moment. For her senior trip, she could actually go to Paris with her best friend since they were 7. They've spent almost everyday together. Though Ally and her didn't get to hang out recently since Ally got together with Joel. This is a good time for both the girls to really bond and have fun in a foreign country. Plus, it's been her dreams since forever to go to Paris.

"Bye mom. Bye dad. Yes, i'll be good,"Sonya says. "Did you bring your passport? Your IC?" says her dad while unloading her suitcase. "Yes, daddy,"she answers as she threw her backpack across her shoulder. Her dad kisses her forehead and off she went skipping her way into Ally's house.

You could hear Ally running down the steps seconds after she pressed the door bell. Both the girls jumped and screamed as soon as they saw each other.

"Hi Auntie!"Sonya says. "Hello! Don't leave your suitcase outside,"Ally's mum replies. "Hurry up! Just leave it downstairs and come to my room," says Ally excitedly.

Both the girls squealed for joy each time the thought of them going to Paris crosses their mind. They started imagining what would it be like when it's there. Sonya just wants to get away from this place for awhile. Too much drama had happened for the pass few months. What a bliss, she thought to herself. They looked over their tour schedule and matching their outfits over and over again.

"Hey we better get some sleep tonight or we won't be able to wake up in time tomorrow," says Ally. "Yeah,"Sonya replies while yawning.

Ally and her were squashed on Ally's queen-sized bed because of the overloading soft toys on it.

Ringgggg... Ring... It's 4 a.m. Time to wake up. It's 4 a.m.

Sonya literally jolted up and threw herself on Ally causing the bed to bounce. As soon as Ally gained consciousness, which took forever, they quickly got ready. Ally showered after her because she was still half asleep. Sonya checked her important items for the last time and slammed the suitcase shut. She had a smile so wide plastered on her face for the rest of the journey to the airport. Ally and her kept giggling and jumping up and down their seats in Ally's mum's car.

"Thanks Auntie,"Sonya says as she got down the car. "No problem, you girls better take care of yourselves alright?"says Ally's mum. "Bye mum, i'll call when i touchdown in,"Ally paused. "PARIS!" squealed both of them in unison.

Ahh, the smell of airport. No wait, the smell of freedom and adventure. It's time to rock and roll! Sonya's mind were filled with these thoughts. They signed up for a tour, so they had to gather with the rest of the other members before checking in.

Sonya was walking towards the toilet in the plane while fiddling with her phone. Suddenly a stranger bumped into her and she accidentally dropped her phone. They both bent down at the same time causing him to bump his head against hers.

"Ow!" she exclamied. "I'm sorry, here you go," he replies in his thick french accent.

They both looked up and their eyes met. He has brown curly hair. Prominent features. Eyes as blue as the ocean. He's a little scruffy but she doesn't mind it at all. She snapped out of it, smiled and made her way to the toilet. She couldn't get him off her mind throughout the whole journey. She went to the toilet a couple of times after that, but she couldn't find him.

"Hey mum, i reached the Paris airport already. It's really nice and i'm safe. I'll call you tomorrow night alright," says Ally. "Yeah, love you, bye,"continues Ally.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" asks Ally. "What's there to do now? It's in the middle of the night Ally. I'm really excited to but. THERE'S NOTHING TO DO!" Sonya replies. "Well, to the hotel it is."says Ally.

They both rolled their suitcase side by side when they reached the hotel lobby with the rest of the tour. Sonya finally saw the rest of the members. She analyzes each and everyone while waiting for their room key. Most of them were in their mid 30s and 40s. Couples. Only 1 family in this tour and Ally and her definitely stand out in this tour. They all seem friendly and nice. As she was staring at them, one of them actually smiled at her. She smiles shamefully and turned away.

"Here is our room key! Room 501,"says Ally. "Great, i can't wait to wash up and get some rest,"she replies. "Attention. Please gather at the lobby after your complimentary breakfast at 0900 sharp. Thank you," announces the tour guide.

They lingered around the lobby for awhile before heading upstairs because the lifts were pretty packed. The light on the door turned green and they ran into their 5 star hotel room. It's really big and nice. The first thing she noticed was the detailing of the building. She even looked up the architect of this building before this. She's going to take up architecture soon.

On their third day of tour, they were going to the Louvre Museum. While admiring the designs of the building on the outside, she saw the guy she met on the plane out of the corner of her eyes. He was walking towards their tour. Her heart raced so fast she thought it would jump out of her heart.

"Hello, I'm Alexandre, and i'll be your assistant tour guide for the rest of your trip,"he announces.

Ally and Sonya had loads of fun for the rest of the 12 days in Paris. They've visited many tourist spots. When it was the last day, they felt sad that they're actually leaving this beautiful country. For Sonya, it's a different story.

They finally touched down in Kuala Lumpur after a long flight.

"Hey mum, i just touched down in Kuala Lumpur. Where are you?" Sonya says. "Okay, great,"she ended.

When Sonya got back home, she went straight up to her room. She unpacked her suitcase and took a quick shower. She got herself dressed and jumped into bed.

"Hey baby,"she says.

They kissed as he wraps his hand around her. She could hear his steady heart beat as she lied on his chest.

"I told you i'd never leave you once i got hold of you,"he says. "Yes, i believe it now,"she answers. "But i'd never thought it would work , i mean, we're from different worlds,"she added. "As long as i love you, we'll be together,"he answers. "We'll have so much fun when we get back to Paris," he added.

A couple weeks later she finds herself in the airport again, the smell of freedom and adventure hits her again, but this time, it was a whole new adventure. One without an end in sight just yet. One that involved him, a whole new country and a whole new life.

They walked hand in hand nervously into his house. His house was well decorated. It really shows that what kind of family he was raised in. Antiques everywhere, creme colored walls and brown carpets.

"This is my mum and this is my dad,"he introduces. "Hi Mr. Laurent, Mrs. Laurent,"Sonya greets. "Hello, welcome to our home. Please make yourself comfortable and take care of Alex,"says Mrs. Laurent. "Yes i will,"she answers.

"Nice room,"Sonya says. "You can put your stuff here and here alright hun?"he says. "I promise i'll take you around before your first semester starts here,"he continues. "Ooh, that'd be nice,"she says as she jumped on him. "Je'taime,"he whispers into her ear.

School of Arts. Sonya thought to herself. How did she end up here again? All she remembered that a month ago she was really excited on going to Paris with her best friend. Now, she's studying Architecture here and dating a French. How lucky and coincidentally he studies in the same school, doing performing arts.

They hugged before parting into class.

"Je'taime,"she whispers.

This is a fictional story. Names and events are all made up. None of it happened in real life.
And! Definitely excuse my grammar and lack of bombastic language. Haha!

This is how far i would go for my other half. My soulmate, the one that i won't be complete without. Hopefully this story will win me tickets to watch "Going The Distance" and upcoming movie by Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

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