Monday, September 27, 2010


I realized how important life is.

One moment a stranger is here, another moment the stranger is gone.
You won't even get the chance to get to know that cheerful soul.

One moment a person you know is here, another moment the person is gone.
You won't realize how much a person mean to you until the person is gone.

One moment the love of your life is here, another moment he/she is gone.
You won't have a chance to make things happen, tell him/her;

I love you
I miss you
I want you
I need you

We should always appreciate what we have now and don't wait till it's gone.
Time is limited, is fearful, waits for no man, something you can't turn back.
And sometimes, we just don't get second chances in life. There's no reset button.
We can't relive another day just because we made a mistake.
But what we can do is, we can learn from that mistake that we did. Learn.

I may not have known you, but I'm sure you're a great person.
Rest in peace and may god bless you.
Zhi Qi
22 March 1994 - 27 September 2010

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