Friday, September 3, 2010


Holidays have officially started. 2 weeks off. Woots! (:
Erh, i guess i'll be spending most of the holidays studying.
My trials are starting on the 23/9/2010. Yeap in 2 weeks time.
I have to really buck up on everything. Meanwhile,
I can also spend some time exercising (since i'm gaining weight),
And hanging out with people that i haven't seen in awhile.
I think i should have a schedule for the holidays.
But! If i have one, not that i'll follow it anyway. Haha, but it'll be fun.
So my resolutions for this holidays are:

1. Exercise!
2. Revise my science subjects.
3. Do some art. (I have a few in mind already)
4. Hang out with loved ones.
5. Catch Grown Up.

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