Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Rating: 3/5

I really like the concept of this movie, but, overall not that satisfying.
I think that the book would be a really really good book. I wanna get it.
I think that some parts of the movie is too slow, and some parts too fast.
The fact that men in the show came and go too fast. Not much character building on them.
Maybe, there is a more suitable actress than Julia Roberts.
She fits the role, as in older, more mature lady with crisis, yeah, true.
But like, she got the affection part really good, but the spiritual... not so.
As I said, maybe, just maybe, there's a more suitable actress.

Anyway, yesterday evening Sheryll, Lu Wen and I went to ou.
We shopped at Topshop cause they were having 20% sale for students only.
I bought a multicoloured tube dress and a white burn out long sleeve top.
The dress is originally RM69 and the top is RM56. So, 20% discount. Yay!
Then, dinner at Sushi Zanmai. Craving for sushi for so long, salmon. :B

Walked around and stuff then decided to watch a late night movie.
It was either Eat Pray Love or Charlie St. Clouds again, but no....
Sheryll didn't like that movie cause it was too unrealistic for her. -.-
We hanged out in the car for about an hour while waiting for the movie.
We just camwhored and listened to some music while checking cute guys out. Lol!
Sue Jin joined us for the movie. We went to Murni's for supper and to chit chat.
We stayed there until 3.30ish? Yeah, quite late and we left after that.
Came home, washed up, and went to sleep. Seriously, damn tired.

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