Thursday, December 9, 2010

OMG It's over!

Oh my god! SPM is finally over. Forever. No more. :D
I am extremely happy that I don't have to study for awhile.
But. I'm going for January intake at Taylor's University.
Oh well, I still have some time to party first!
Hopefully college is as fun as I hoped it would be. Hee.
After SPM, went to Damansara Uptown to check on class t-shirt.
Then it was raining super heavily on the way back.
Seriously, the rain drops are super fat! I was driving super slow.

Got ready then off to Deedee's 17th Birthday Party at her place.
I don't have any pictures from there cause I didn't bring my camera.
And! I think that the candid shots that were taken does not do justice to me!
Then, sent Leysha home, Vee, Jeanny and I just lepaked at Safa for awhile.
Ate, and catched up on a lot of things. I miss times like this.
We're gonna go catch Harry Potter on Monday! I can't wait!
I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow night with Vee and Leysha by train.
Deedee, Li May and Debra joining us on Friday there. Fun fun fun!
Hopefully we'll take loads of nice pictures there. :D

Time to go to bed now.
But before that, must watch a few episodes of Friends first!

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