Thursday, December 16, 2010

Penang: Day 4

12 December 2010 ( Sunday )

Slept in for a bit until we had to pick Leysha's grandmother at the bus stop.
Came back and showered then went down for lunch at the beach cafe again.
The waves were still huge, so we just played monopoly deal and football.
Yes, again. Haha, we were pretty much addicted to monopoly deal the whole trip.
Built a sandcastle, but failed halfway cause the wave came all the way up there.
It swept it off. Bye bye not-so-pretty sandcastle. Boohoo. ):

For dinner we ate at the food court further down.
I ordered fried hokkien noodle. Yumm. Then we did last minute shopping.
2 not-so-cute chinese salesmen hit on me when I was buying stuff. Haha.
I bought this new and very pretty yet FAKE Anna Sui purse. Hehe.
And there's this place that sells fake cds of artists for only RM4 per piece!
Of course I had to buy the Britney Spears All Time Hits! She's the legend.
After all the walking, we stopped by at this other cafe for some drink.
Vee and I ordered the 'Sex on the beach'. It is not too bad I guess.
Next stop was some arab shop nearby around 1 in the morning.
Ordered mint tea while shisha-ing. We were gonna leave but it started raining.
Great. So we waited for awhile till it wasn't that heavy and went back.
We finally made it to the condo after a very long walk UPHILL. I tell you. D:
Something really really funny happened at the lift of the condo. Vee! :P

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