Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Chronicles of Knocking Doors and Drumsticks

Reporting from HQ. The Eagle has been found!
It is now known as the enemy ground. Approximately 60m from HQ.
We better move fast before it is attacked.
Around 0430 this morning, Eagle (Kai Wen)'s dorm has been found!
Somebody knocked on her door, then attempted to open it.
But, luckily she locked it. So then she reported back to HQ.
Sergeant Panther (Honey) received the page. She listened carefully.
Then she woke Colonel Whiskers (Me) up. I finally woke up.

Sergeant Panther told me the whole situation as we plotted our plan.
First, we thought of all the possibilities. All the maybes and miscommunication.
Finally, we are sure it is there. We looked around the room for weapons.
Sergeant Panther was equipped with a drumstick, paperfan, and scissors.
Colonel Whiskers was equipped with a drumstick and hair spray.
At 0450 we left the HQ. The plan is to bring the eagle back to the HQ.
We realised that we needed a password.

Option 1: tsktskkisskissmeowmeow ahhh... (Try saying it really quick!)

It was too hard for Sergeant Panther to pronounce.

Option 2: meowmeow123

Yes! That is brilliant. We finally left at 0500.
We slowly went down the stairs, stopped at times to hear for noises.
I asked Sergeant Panther if she heard anything, negative, she said.
When we reached at the Eagle's dorm, I knocked on the door and said,
"Meowmeow123" We were in her dorm. We were going to leave,
Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door.
All 3 of us, stared at the door in shock. The eagle asked, "Who's that?"
*drum rolls* It is the MOTHER! We opened up the door.
She was just asking why were we making noise and going down at this time.
After we explained, we all went up. That's the end, FOR NOW.

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