Sunday, March 13, 2011


I think that we were never ready to be apart for so long.
It's just the matter of time and distance that caused us misery.
I was definitely a fool to let go of you and I regret it.
I was just wondering, do we deserve a second chance?
Cause time wasn't ready for us at the first time.

If a romatic relationship you are currently involved in doesn't feel like "home", the you may be knocking at the wrong door. You are truly a creature of action. Sometimes you get so caught up in your ambition and getting ahead that you don't devote the proper amount of time to nurture relationship needs. Your love life is sometimes no more than an afterthought. So, when you have the time to spend with someone special, you tend to love the one you're with rather than the one who's right for you. It's time to go deeper and to seek out the one who could be "the one"

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