Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Source Code. Rating: 2/5
I personally love Jake Gyllenhaal. :D Other than that, it's alright.
It's somehow a failed version of inception, dreams and time travel.
Other than the fact, I quite like the ending, I preferred if they expanded there.
And that part where they revealed Gyllenhaal's real body. Dayumm.
It seems like a cheap production. Only 2 scenes and a few main actors.

So I went for a movie with my mum this afternoon.
After the movie, we snacked at Chocolate Lounge for awhile.
Did a little spontaneous shopping. I wanted to look for a blazer.
But girls are girls, so I ended up buying everything else, BUT a blazer. Haha!
Got a LBD from Forever 21, jeans from Treats and top from Cotton ON.
Came back, brainstormed on my Project 3 for ENBE class for awhile.

Amanda came and pick me up then went to Dee's place to meet up with Deb.
From there, went to some mamak at DJ for some shisha and girl time!
Deb and Dee decided to stay there while Amanda and I went to AC KD.
Met up with the boys and some of Amanda's friends there.
After a game, went to watch Eugene play futsal at Sports Planet.
The netting there is super trippy. I swear! Haha. :D
And that's an end to another awesome day. (:

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