Monday, May 9, 2011


Yes, I've been pretty much MIA from the blogging world.
But! My twitter account has been very much active.
So, do follow me on twitter, my username is; missadhdjojo.
And do the same for tumblr:

Recent updates:
1. Piles of work to be done/sketched for class.
2. Missing my girls, Leysha and Vee. And! The x-men.
3. Watched Fast and Furious 5. Loving the cars and races, but the plot, nah.
4. Watched Thor too. Lead actor is freagging buff, hot and BLUE EYES!
5. I think I wanna stop shisha-ing. Lol. I think. :D
6. I can't wait for all my final projects to be over and then, TERM BREAK!
7. Disgusting.
8. I wanna club! No, actually, I just want to dance to good and loud music. (:
9. Birthdays coming up! Meaning, I have to go shop for presents.
10. I went shopping the other day, got a few stuff.
11. I baked 2 cakes and 6 cupcakes just for fun. Just felt like baking.

1. Finish my 101 sketches.
2. Finish discussing my CTS project.
3. Finish making my Project 3 models.
4. Club this coming weekend.
5. But firstly, earn brownie points by staying home.
6. Buy 3 birthday presents.

So, to revive my practically DEAD blog, I shall post up some pictures soon.
I mean, I should start taking more pictures with my bb. Haha!
Starting from today, I shall take at least 5 pictures a day to blog about :P
Easier job for me, let the pictures do the talking with a little bit of caption.

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