Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Port Dickson!

So, last Sunday, what did I do, oh right! I went to Port Dickson!
With some friends, Leysha, Vee, Ali and Ariff.
Ariff picked them then picked me up around 10ish 11.
Went to Caltex to buy some snacks, pump petrol and top up my smart tag.
And then, we're off around 11ish! Drove, drove, sleep, drove, drove, music.
We arrived around 12ish 1. Lunch time! Ate at some malay restaurant.
Seriously, PD has flies everywhere, I wonder how can they survive?
I'm not talking about them flies, I meant the people.
I was going insane after awhile, can't even eat in peace.

After lunch, we drove around PD for awhile cause it was too hot.
Around 2, we decided to go to the beach. Went around looking for the right place.
As usual, took epic pictures, JoLeyVin pictures and play rugby.
Didn't take much pictures this time, so.. yeah. Here it is.

Chilled at some cafe place with wifi, ate satay while playing Monopoly Deal,
Too many flies, too irritating, so we left, for home!
And apparently it was raining really heavily in KL on that day.
Everywhere was flooded, trees and billboards falling :O
But on the way home, surprisingly traffic wasn't too bad. Yep.
We drove home "into" the sunset. Super pretty. (:

Once it got dark, it was time to party at a private club. :P
It's called club WED40. Invitations only, obviously.
And only limited to 4 extra invitations a night. Super private.
Partay-ed to The Cataracs, Deadmau5, and a few other feng tau music.

Gonna end this post with an epic JoLeyVin picture for the month (:

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