Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Electric Feel

Am I selfish, manipulative, mean, irresponsible, disrespectful, fickled and naive?

Or, am I kind, trustworthy, intelligent, witty, charming, fun and versatile?

The big question of 'Who am I?'
Have you ever wondered?

Maybe I am what I think I am, because, my actions seems to say so.
Am I just being selfish for doing things only to my own advantage?
Did I manipulate others so I can get what I want, and throw them away when I'm done?
Or I'm mean because I couldn't care less about certain things, especially feelings.
I might be irresponsible for not finishing up whatever I've started.
Am I disrespecting others? Not treating them nicely all the time?
Or am I being a bad person for having a fickle mind? That I can't decide at all.
OR maybe all of these are under a big branch of me being naive.

It may be true, or not, but not all things are as we perceive them to be.
So, don't judge me, you're not God. I'm sorry.
I'm not perfect, I'm not God either.

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