Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A blog post since the last one, which is... almost 10 days ago?
Wow, this is pretty rare. Haha, compared to the period where I blogged a lot.
Okay, I don't have all the time in the world to blog now,
So I shall do the weekly 5 and maybe end it with some pictures.

1. College started. Therefore my life is kinda in a mess for a bit. Soon, I will settle down.
Loads of assignment, well compared to the previous sem, for sure.
And I'm DEFINITELY lacking social life. Not none at all, but not enough.

2. Lapsap pool anniversary was the BOMB! Awesome music and crowd. Partied all night long.
Well, not exactly all night long. Haha. It ended about 9ish, left around 10
Made my way down to KL and back without getting lost and without gps. Woot.

3. Leysha's Birthday. After lapsap, she went for dinner, so we all met up after that.
Most of the X-Men were there. Had fun at Beer Factory, Sunway Giza for some drinks.
Yana, their cousins and some other friends joined as well. Then slept over at Leysha's place.
We were all awake till about 7am? Haha, fun times, before college started, that is.

4. Currently using both my numbers, but I can whatsapp with my bb number now.
So, please whatsapp me if you need me, cause it's free! Haha, yes technology, you see.
My old number is still available for old-fashioned texting cause it's cheaper.

5. I'm not exactly looking forward to Raya Holidays. Partly cause I have to hand up sketches.
And! I don't think it'll be exactly "holidays" for me. Definitely a lot of work to touch up.
Oh well, at least I don't have to go to college I guess, that's the brighter side.

Here you have random pictures from the night at Giza.

Luke's attempt on photography.

Ali, being... Ali?

Luke being stupid, of course. :P

I am awesome like that. :D

Heh. :D

Vee and I.

Leysha and Vee.

And again, like the other times, I will end the post with a picture of,

Yours truly,
You know the drill, DO THE AWKWARD SMILE!

PS: I've got 1 more pending post, so hopefully I can update by tomorrow during my free time in college. Lots of love, xoxo.

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