Thursday, August 11, 2011

Move along

People love, people let go.
And apparently it's all planned by "fate".
Or we'll just have to follow our destiny.

People let go, and sometimes, people love again.
Destiny? Do we just wait for things to happen?
I say, if you want it, go out there and get it.

If it's meant to be, it will fall in to place.
Let's just go with the flow. (Cause it sounds right.)
Really? If you don't even try to get to know me,
Doesn't it show that you couldn't care less?

Well, and again, who am I to comment on these kind of things.
Who am I to give my opinions on something that I often fail at.
Everything will be wrong, timing, the person, my decisions or thoughts.

People change.
That's for sure, I can't argue with that.
They could change for the better in your point or view, or not.
In a short period of time, a person can change.
Or maybe, you've changed, not necessarily it's the other person,
You may find the other person reacting differently to something,
Maybe you are over that phase, you stepped out and observed?
No one should be blamed for these kind of events.

If you don't like or is uncomfortable with the changes,
Then, let the person know and maybe some things can be worked out.
If not then, move on. (:

Move on.
2 words, most used by a teenage girl. Ever.
You tell yourself, you tell your best friends, you tell your partner.
It's so easy to say, yet, very hard to do.
You think you're over the person, until you meet again.
The way the person looks at you, talk to you, laughs with you and so on.
It just feels... different, if you have not moved on. Yet.

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