Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Okay, yes, I haven't been writing much other than the Cheer Challenge that has been going on.
So, here are a few updates in my life.

1. Depression ahead.
Yes, was being quite emotional beginning of last week till recently, but you know, life goes on and what goes around comes around. There's no use moping around wishing and thinking of all the 'what ifs' in life. So, I've decided to pick myself up and stand on my own two feet. Love yourself, when no one does, you still have yourself. (:

2. College.
As usual, classes, workload getting more and more, one project after another, trying to catch up all the time, but it's not too bad I guess. Recently did a business presentation about food shortage and I did a short documentary on live interviews, pretty happy with the outcome.

3. Honey Bee.
Been spending quite a lot of time with my sister since she's back, as you can see, I posted some pictures of us. Just like old times where we hang all the time. Love.

4. X-Men.
Not forgetting them, of course we still hang out and laugh about all the stupid and interesting things in life. Ahh, gotta love em. (': Our usual safa sesh, or mcd assignment times, or even foos and pool at Sportsville.

5. I'm inspired.
I have a few ideas of pictures and videos about some stuff, hopefully I've got time for that, and when it's done, I will definitely post it up! Can't wait! :DD And, next month, my house is undergoing some small renovations and paint jobs, after that I will decorate my room! Ehehe, time to get a little artsy fartsy.

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