Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'll kill you with my katana first

So recently my dad went to Japan for a business trip for a week.
I sent him off at the airport and he's back today! No, I didn't pick him up though.
Was at Nic's birthday dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market, Pyramid.
Had a great dinner, camwhore sesh and girlie times with the rest (:

After that, joined Leysha, Ali and their coursemate at a Malaysia Day event at Bangsar.
Some performances, watched them have dinner at Nirvana, then off for some pool.
Chilled and had 'small talk' at Padang Kota after that till pretty late.
We didn't realize the time, cause we were having fun talking about random things.
Very random things I would say, but interesting at the same time.

When I got back, I found this paperbag on the bed! :DD

Of course, it's from the DADDY! Guess what he got for me. Hehe.

 A g-shock watch.


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