Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm sick and tired of YOU

1. Had a great night, good laughs and dinner with people who shall not be named. We joked around, bully other people and just continue making stupid and dirty jokes. Which was extremely fun actually. Ahh, loads of good laughs, good for me. (:

2. Projects are mostly all passed up by this week. One is due this Thursday and the other one just started and due in a month or so's time. Other than that, college is just fine I guess.

3. Most probably going Mist on Thursday night, have some real fun, then Arthur's Day on Friday night. Woot! 2 nights in the row baby, (Disclaimer: No, I'm not a party animal.) Haha. With the sister and her friends I suppose. Hopefully meeting up with some friends at Arthur's, the more the merrier right!

4. I've been back for cheer practice, not that dusty, but definitely not as flexible and stamina wise... haha, I'll just die. Soon! I'll be back on track, been working out too! (Secretly cause I just bought 2 beautiful long dresses in hope for a formal night end of this year or something. So gotta work out for it.)

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