Saturday, November 5, 2011


So, haven't been blogging in awhile. Not really cause I'm busy, it's just, cause.
Didn't really have the mood, and also the fact that my life is boring. Haha.

Updates: (In no particular order)
1. Partied last friday with a bunch of friends. Had loads of fun. Even though the place was freagging packed, made us so sweaty, but the music was still good and definitely the crowd that I went with! :D

2. Been back for cheer practice with Cheer Aces All Star! A whole new team, loads of fun and also tiring. Sore muscles. ): Still worth it for a nice body in the end.

3. College assignments. Been staying up for a monster. Now we're in for all final projects except for Social Psychology class. We're all going for a class trip to Singapore next weekend. Woot woot!

4. I've got a dog! His name is Max Brown, we call him Brownie most of the time, but sometimes I call him Max. Wanted to name him Bacon, Kevin Bacon, but grandma said no, can't name him after a kind of food.

5. Went to Penang last weekend for a relative's funeral.

6. I don't think I've got anymore updates. That's why I said that I'm boring. My life is boring, especially nowadays. College, sleep, dinner, homework/yumcha/cheer, then sleep. Process repeats. I need something more interesting!

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