Monday, November 7, 2011

Who says

I don't know why do I still care after all these time.
I've spent a great amount of time believing that I've moved on.
But, I guess in the end, I might be just lying to myself.
It's not too bad of a thing, cause I actually stopped thinking about you.
Well, most of the time that is, and on rare occassions that I do.
I still want to be noticed by you, to impress you, and most of all,
Let you realize that it was a big mistake of letting me go. I want you to know that.
For that, I have to be strong, a confident and strong girl that you fell in love with.
Or, that's what I think and you portrayed to have happened. It might be true.

Who knows right? So, here I am, trying to be who you loved.
Not to get you back, just to prove my point I guess, somewhat.
For the next guy that comes along, he'll be a very lucky guy, I'm sure.
So much that I've learnt of holding back, and through the mistakes that I've done,
At least I'm pretty confident I won't screw it up as much as before. That's for sure.
I don't promise flawless relationship, but, I won't repeat my mistakes again.
I mean, who wants to be miserable from a mistake they've done over and over again right?

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