Sunday, May 13, 2012

Upddatteee!!! :DD

1. Curled hair.

Curled my hair for fun for class. Since my hair is super long now, I can actually pull it off.
I don't do it too often cause I don't want my hair to die and also cause it takes quite a lot of effort and time.
Yes, I'm lazy. So probably when I'm free or for some occasion. :D

2. Brownie le puppy.

Cute little Brownie all grown up. Almost 1 year old already, meaning no longer a puppy.
He'll still always be my baby (:

He's in my bag trying to follow me to uni today. Haha! Super cute, he really looks like a toy.
Hence, TOY poodle? Hmm, yeah. :D

3. Noelle's 19th Birthday Dinner at TGIF @ Sunway Pyramid.

A super vain picture of me. (: Loving the Camera360 effect and my long hair. 

Me being a poser in Sean's car on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

Jeanny, Cheryl and I.

Christine and I.

Jeanny, William and I at Overtime @ Sunway Pyramid for the after party.

William and I. (:

4. Aunt Ming Nah's Birthday Dinner.

I always look half naked when I'm wearing tube tops in pictures. WHY!

The moon that night was really bright and huge. Apparently it doesn't happen in a long time. Hmm.

5. Staying over at the studio at Uni for a few nights in a row.

Jeanny and I. 

Jeanny trying to imitate the 9gag meme. Haha!

Us being unhappy that we have to stay till so late in the studio!

6. My group's Design Studio Model. 

Half way done.

More random pictures of us when making the model!

7. Hatchi on my Ipad!

Brings back my childhood memories. (:

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