Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chasing Pavements

Done with some shopping for my laptop. Sort of. Still a few more left to get and to install and stuff.

Things I bought today:
1. 500gb WD Hard Drive
2. 2 8gb Kingston Thumb Drive
3. Microsoft Office Home and Student

Loving my Nyancat, Unicorn and Domokun. HAHA. My ipad will take about a month to service if I send it to the shop I bought it from, and it'll be faster if I send it straight to the service centre. So I shall just drop it off at Pyramid's Machines either tomorrow or Monday. Depending if I have to go to uni tomorrow, if I do then might as well drop it off.

I have been wanting to change the housing of my bb because it looks like shit. Probably some time this week after submission. Maybe friday, go get it done at Hause of BiB at Bangsar. Still considering full white or full silver like its original.

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