Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's June already! Yes, I haven't been posting, so there shall be some updates. :D

1. Degree
It's mostly all final projects already. The sem is pretty short. Final submissions are all around July then final exams and break for a month! There might be plans to Sabah or Penang. Depends, still in the planning progress. Other than that, I've been really busy with submissions after submissions.

2. My Birthday is coming up!
Going to be officially nineteen soon, NOOO, I don't want to grow up, I want to be 18 forever. Fine, not forever but at least awhile more. My last teenage year, but I feel like I've done all that a teenager wants to do already.

3. Things that I need for my birthday:
Yes, I'm just listing it out, because in the end, I'm probably getting it myself anyways. Haha!

  • Hard Drive: I really need a hard drive, my space in my laptop is super limited now.
  • Thumb drive: So I can use it to print stuff in uni or something, don't wanna lose my hard drive. 
  • Microsoft Office: Yes, I have a laptop with no word, excel or power point. Except recently where I downloaded the trial version because I was really desperate.
  • Converse: I've been wanting a low cut for quite sometime now, so you can't say that I do impulsive shopping. I have 1 low cut Vans but it's not that comfortable. 
  • Basic flats: The flats that I got recently were really cheap and therefore not long lasting. I need a good black flats.
  • Shades: I'm stuck with my hot pink shades for a very long time already, time to get a new one. 
4. Things I want to do next:
  • Format my laptop and install microsoft.
  • Service my ipad. It's been dead for a day now. I can't seem to charge it. ):
  • And of course, I HAVE TO do my projects. This weekend is not too hectic I guess, just some presentation panels to prepare, and technical drawings.

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