Saturday, June 16, 2012


Most of the teams under Cheer Aces performed before the lunch break, so I went in the morning to support them and left after Stompers' turn. Everything went almost perfect, but it's okay, we'll all hit a perfect routine tomorrow. You go girls! You can do it.

Going back to Cheer Competition after so long still gives me the adrenaline rush, the goosebumps and all that. The time spent on the blue mat is indescribable.  It's just amazing. I wish I can compete more after this sem hopefully.

After that, I dropped by One Utama to buy some stuff for Brownie's birthday. Yes it falls on the same day as mine! How cute ay. Got him a new harness and a drinking bottle. Then, I felt like pampering myself with some shopping. Impulsive shopping, but God is on my side today! I didn't spend much except for buying a set of earings for 50% at PDI and discounted shades from Cotton On.

Oh trust me, there were so many other things that I wanted to get, but I didn't at last. First, I wanted to get a black chuck, which I've always wanted, so that's not really impulsive, but they don't have it in my size. The stock will only come next week. Okay, fine. Then I wanted to get sports shoes, again, not in my size or cutting that I want. It's just not IT. I'd probably go hunt again tomorrow or next week. Some cute shorts at Forever21, that I could buy but it's 10% off on Monday-Thursday. After much thought, not going to get it. Wanted to grab some plain round neck tanks from Forever21, and they don't have the colour or design that I want.

In conclusion, I didn't spend much today, and I feel good about it. :D Going for my early birthday dinner soon with my aunts and grandmother. Shall start my share of work today later after dinner. :D

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