Monday, January 28, 2013

Decorate me

1. Practicum 1 aka short sem before sem 3 started last Monday. Just one subject with a intensive crash course of AutoCAD to assist us in the project. 8 weeks excluding 1 week of Chinese New Year holidays. We'll be heading to Ng Clan Building, Georgetown to do our measurements for this subject. Looking forward to that in week 3!

2. I'm currently trying to clean up my oh-so-messy room. It's been on hiatus for so long. I was supposed to do it during my 2 weeks break, but it has been filled up with other more productive things like sleeping and going to Hong Kong for a short vacation.

3. I have new resolutions for this year, which is to save money every month; as much as possible for further use, to only social smoke by my birthday and to work out at least 3 times a week to be fitter. So far, I've been right on track, so I wish myself luck!

4. I started insanity workout. It's only day 2 right now, but so far so good, hopefully I can keep it up for 60 days. I really want my lean body back. Felt so much better. I'm now also trying to eat only 3 main meals a day. Not counting calories and avoiding certain food, just sticking to 3 main meals.

5. Got an iPhone5! The biggest upgrade I've got. Blackberry to iphone5. :D

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