Sunday, September 26, 2010


Have been to Coffee Beans @ Desa Park City 3 days straight.
Went there around the same time, left at about the same time.
And yes, did the same thing there. Studying. With Sheryll.
Thursday night we studied English lit cause the next day was the exam.
Then, Friday night we did Sejarah cause it's on Tuesday.

Today, we went to McD to study. I studied Sejarah and she did math.
Came for awhile so I can shower then Lu Wen joined us for dinner.
Steamboat at Menjalara was awesome. Cheap and good at the same time.
We ordered a meal for 2, had chinese tea, ended up very full,
And the total price is only RM35.40. For 3 person to share.
Pretty worth it I would say. No? We should go back there sometime.
After dinner, went to DPC to continue studying and then we left.

Monday - Mathematics
Tuesday - Sejarah
Wednesday - Moral
Thursday - Biology
Friday - Additional Mathematics

GREAT week ahead huh? Wish me luck. I'll need it.

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