Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Answer me bitch!

I'm sorry to drench all of you readers with emoness. Can't help it.
Oh well, trials are coming to an end. 16 down 4 more to go.
Tomorrow's Chemistry paper 1 and 2 then I'm left with Paper 3s.
Chemistry is such a pain in the ass now. I use to be really good in it.
Like, to me, Chemistry > Biology > Physics. But now it's WAY different.
I'm starting to like Bio cause it's not as complicated. Biology > Physics > Chemistry.
Ahh well, this is only until SPM I guess, don't plan to do anything with Science.

Hellcats is awesome so far. Hopefully this series will last. I love cheer!
And I really miss it. After SPM I swear I'm gonna go knock myself out. Haha!
I must do something this whole weekend. Thursday - Monday go crazy.
Then, after that I'm gonna be a super nerd that never sees sunlight/moonlight.
Prison myself at home with my piles and piles of shits around me.
I'll consider showering and school. Food is definitely yes! But, in my room I guess.

Thursday - A movie at Midvalley with Sheryll perhaps?
Friday - Shopping and catching up with sisters
Saturday - More catching up with sisters
Sunday - ?
Monday - ?

So I think you know what to do with Sunday and Monday. *brows*

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