Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crush baby crush

Ahh, crushes. Aren't they awesome?

They just give you the adrenaline rush all the time when you see them.
Or even hear about them or even just by talking about them.
It's one way of being happy or getting over some significant other.

Get a crush! :P

I mean, crushes are way easier to handle compared to a committed relationship.
They're normally really adorable, hot, funny and so on to you,
Plus! You don't expect much from them cause it's just a crush.
A simply acknowledgement from your crush will keep you happy for a day.

Yes, isn't it quite obvious that I have a crush on someone right now.
It's nothing big, I don't expect anything at all. Just seeing him makes me happy.
And yes, these kind of things will go away soon. It doesn't stay for long.
At least I'm happy for now right? At least I actually have emotions? :D

Heee. *silly smile*

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