Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Everybody has ego right? No matter how much ego you have.
I mean, even girls have ego. Not a lot, but at least, still there.
I have a fair amount of ego for a girl I guess. Not over the top.
If I were to be in a committed relationship, I wouldn't be a control freak.
I like things to go my way, of course we all do right? Not just me right?
But yeah, sometimes it's not always about us only. So we have to be fair.

If we're asking for justice and fairness between male and female,
We should be fair to them in relationship ways too right? In the ego matter.
We all know that the male species have a HUGE ego. Mmhmm, agreed?
We shouldn't let them have it their way all the time, or vice versa.
Like, we shouldn't feed their ego too much or take it all away. It's just wrong.
If I'd want a guy with no ego, I would just go date a girl. (HAHA! Joke. :D)

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