Sunday, October 3, 2010


Rating: 4/5

I think that I'm liking Zac Efron even more as he is growing out of Disney.
I've liked him since watching 17 again and realizing he's such a good actor.
Just cause Disney's HSM trilogy made him seem slightly gay and lame.
Though, I expected a little bit more from the movie. It's good. That's all.
That's the problem with the movie. It's just good. Nothing super fantastic.
Plus, the girl is new? Is she? Haven't seen her in any other movies before.

Sheryll came over and picked me up and headed for ou around 6ish.
Cause I was in dying need to dress up. Not go out, just for the sakes of dressing up.
I do go our during the trials, to study with Sheryll and tuition and stuff.
Just that, I can't really dress up for any of those occasions now can I?
Bought tickets and food and watched the movie. It ended around 9?

I wanted to eat some sushi since I've been craving for it. Well, I'm always craving for it.
But Sushi Zanmai's queue is super long, by the time it's our turn they're going to close.
So, fine. We settled for Vietnamese Kitchen cause we haven't tried it before.
The food there is oh-kay-lah. Nothing fantastic, maybe cause we ate the noodles.
After that, saw Sue Jin as we passed by Chillis on the way to the carpark.
I bought some pens and glow in the dark stickers from Popular! Hehe. :D
Yes, I have a thing for stickers. I collect them actually. I have loads of them.

Went to Centre Point's McD to study Physics for a change.
But, there were quite a lot of people and we weren't in a mood to study.
Change of location it seems then! Plus, Sheryll had to pee. -.-
So we came back to BSD's McD to pee and to continue studying.
The environment is slightly better. Got to study for a bit.
I've got like 3 subtopics left. Shall study Bio tomorrow for the paper 3.
Then, on Monday shall study Physics and some Chemistry during tuition.

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