Monday, November 15, 2010

More than words. Definitely.

SPM is next tuesday. Can you believe it?
I mean, I myself can't even believe this is happening.
This year is flying by so quickly. Especially this year.
This is the last year in highschool for me, or just school.
After this, no more uniforms, no more stupid school!
Yes, I hate school. Don't we all? But... We'll still miss it right?
I have all my seniors telling me that I will miss school.
Hmm, I'm not too sure about that. Maybe I'll miss my friends.
And the fact that I'll get to see them everyday in school for 11 years.
In fact, there are some of them that I've already known for 11 years.

I guess I'll miss highschool. I am captain and chairman for all that matters.
But, I'm also very excited about everything else. Like, college and NS.
I'll get to meet so many other new people and do new things.
This also somehow indicates that I'm getting older. More responsiblities.
I like being a carefree selfless foolish highschool student sometimes.
I haven't came up with a list to do after SPM like other people. Haha.
Oh, you don't have to worry, I will. Soon enough. It's like FREEDOM!
Not like, there's a lot of things that I WANT to do after SPM though.
I mean, to come to think of it. I have quite a lot of freedom now anyways.
So...yeah. Most probably a trip with friends, hang out, work out!
I really have to start working out after SPM. Seriously. I don't wanna be fat!

No, I'm not some skinny girl going, "OMG, I'm fat." I hate them too.
Fine, maybe I'm using the wrong terms. I'm gaining weight in the wrong way.
I'm gaining fats actually. Like my arms are getting flabby, a tummy. Sigh.
Back when I was still really skinny and I actually had abs.
I still do now, but with the rate that I'm going, It's going to be gone soon.
Soon enough If I don't do something about it that is. Haha! So I will.
I will workout every single day after SPM. Then, I have NS.
Which is even better. I get to work out there, It's like I don't have a choice.
Then, I'll do a lot of cheer before I don't have the chance to.
I'm sure I can't keep cheering forever right? I'll have to stop soon.
With all the assignments from college, and having a life other than cheer.
I have to grow up and it means growing away from cheer. I guess.

I got a car from my aunt which is now working in UK for awhile.
Yeah, the car is hers, and now it's mine while she's there working.
So, yay! Haha, I had the car for 3 weeks now. Driving is no longer THAT exciting.
Not as exciting as when I first learnt how la that is you know.
Now it's just cause I got no choice or I really have to go out. Haha.
Now I know why some people get really angry about Malaysian drivers.
Not all, but some, now I know. Cause things they do are really incosiderate.
It's like you might think it's just a minor thing, you can forget about it,
NO! Everything on the road is important. A small mistake will lead to DEATH.
The government should be more strict with the driving exams nowadays.
I hate drivers who are selfish. I know by doing that it won't cause YOU anything.
But think of the other drivers behind you or in front of you.
Maybe by what you did, will cause an accident for the other drivers.
So, make sure you do simple things like, USING YOUR SIGNAL!

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