Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Penang: Day 1

9 Dec 2010 (Thursday)

Leysha just finished her accounts paper in the afternoon.
After dinner, Leysha and Vee came over to my place first.
Then my dad sent us to KL Sentral to take the 10pm train.
Guess what? The train was delayed. Until freagging 11.30pm!
No surprise there. Malaysian timing I tell you. Waited like freaks.
No cute boys, just 2 random hongkong/taiwanese boys next to us.
And maybe some cute kids running around screaming like r-tards.
One part, there was this middle-aged indian lady came to us and went;

Indian Lady: Excuse me, *gestures pull up your top, I can see your cleavage*
Vee: *pulls up her shirt*
All of us: "WTF -.-"

Haha, yeah! Kinda freaky and weird at the same time.
I don't think Vee's boobs were showing that much anyways. Psycho.
Finally the train arrived, got to our bunks and chilled for awhile.
Leysha and Vee were watching some movies while I was trying to sleep.

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