Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Penang: Day 2

10 Dec 2010 (Friday)

We reached Butterworth around 7 in the morning.
We all had a good night sleep. Well, except for Leysha.
Walked for a bit then took a ferry to Penang.
Original plan was to take a bus to Batu Ferringhi,
But! Too lazy. So instead just took a cab for RM40.
Put our stuff at the condo then we walked down for breakfast.
Shopped for a bit around the area then went to the beach!

Came back up to shower and change into our bikinis and walked back down.
Ate lunch at some beach cafe near the beach. Duh! Ate pizza. Not too bad.
Hanged out for awhile, played monopoly deal, football and jet ski-ed!
Of course loads of jump shots and balances on the beach. Hehe.
I didn't warm up though so, don't blame my not very nice balances.

Walked all the way back. Again. Walking. Sigh.
Dropped by at the pool for awhile. I just "sunbathed" but they jumped in.
Showered then went down for dinner with Leysha's grandmum.
We ate at some chinese restaurant nearby. The food was goooddd. Yumm.
Walked around at the night market along the whole road. Didn't buy anything though.
Went to the beach cafe again to drink the awesome "Lemon Squash" and shisha-ed.
And again, walked back all the way to the apartment at midnight. Freak out!

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