Monday, April 11, 2011


So yesterday I went out on a date with my wifey. (:
A movie at ou then dinner at Herris with the rest.
We watched Sucker Punch. It wasn't too bad I guess.
I must download the whole soundtrack! :D

Sucker Punch. Rating: 2/5
I would say, yes the girls are super hot! Especially Emily Browning.
And the whole soundtrack is amazing. Definitely.
But it's super potong steam when she doesn't dance.
And instead, some bullshit comes up about their "missions".
So yeah, I've got only 2 things I like about the movie, hot girls and songs.

Herris with the whole bunch was fun. (:
Most of us were there, spent time doing stupid things like,
Dissing Eric with pregnancy in cantonese and playing twet twet!
Haha! Crappy and totally irrelevant, but yet fun.
Came home around 12ish after dropping Dillon home.
Stonned in the car for an hour or so cause it was too comfortable in there.
The only reason I got out from my car is that my phone's battery is low.
Therefore, I can't tweet while stonning in the car. Haha.
But I'm serious! It is actually really nice to do nothing in the car.
Gives space for you to think in peace and serenity.
And maybe with the lack of oxygen in the car makes me kinda sleepy. Heh.

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