Sunday, April 10, 2011

You put colours in my world.

I just prefer to be by myself, most of the times,
Not that I don't like anyone special's company,
But, I'm just being me, I can't stand to be tied down,
I don't play by anyone's rules, I'm not owned by anyone,
I never quite like dates, I'm fed up of commitments,
It's like, I guess I passed my quota, or not buying the whole idea,
I'm tired of the idea of love, I'm just too tired to care,
You may think I'm heartless or just another player in this game.

This is me; or at least the current me.
It would have been different if you knew me then,
When I was a sucker for everything, love, romance, relationships,
Now, it's just nothing to me, not something essential at least.
No one's happiness is no longer essential to mine,
I've learnt to be happy because of myself, for myself.
Maybe in the future I will get serious about all these,
For now, I don't think this is for me, I'm too fickle-minded.

I'm too spontaneous to settle down for something for a long time,
I like my life to be interesting every moment; to live my life.
To have changes all the time, not to be bored with same ol' same ol',
I like to have variety, adventurous and spontaneous little details.
To live my teenage life, to get to know every kind of people,
Some, or most of you might not understand me, but time will tell.
I'm not just a lonely emotional litte broken hearted girl,
I'm way more complicated than you think I am, I happen to be deeper.
I'm not some shallow innocent naive girl that goes around. I'm not.

If you actually think I am those kind of girl,
I would definitely and confidently say, you don't know me at all.

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