Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new one.

I shall have a few resolutions and to-do-list that I love to write and I secretly know that I won't fulfill all of it when I look back at this for my upcoming term break. Well, I better start after I'm done handing up all my projects.

1. Dear self, PLEASE EXERCISE.
2. I need to shop. Really. I'm out of clothes to wear.
3. I want to CHEER again, let's go, burn em fats, raise em spirits.
4. Clean my room. I can't even see the floor to this place.
5. Clean my study room. I don't even "study" there anymore.
6. Oh! Not forgetting to rearrange my very much clustered cupboard.
7. IF I ever get a camera asap, take loads and loads of pictures to feel more girly.
8. I need a vacation. With my friends. With my sisters.
9. I need to partay! I need to dance. I need to let loose!

This officially starts on 9 June 2011.

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