Sunday, July 10, 2011

California Dreams

And again, I would like to say, SHIT HAPPENS.
Don't just think that your life is miserable, it happens to everyone.
Shit just happens, to you, to me or any other ordinary human being.

Twitter is definitely not a place for me to express my feelings.
It's too open, I definitely have more followers on twitter compared to here.
And if any of this shits offend you, make you happy or make you sad?
Well too bad, I'm not asking for you to read it, you're doing it on your own will.

So yeah, recently shit has been happening, like a storm full of shit. Haha.
If that makes sense in any way. One way or another of describing it.
I'm hurt, you're hurt, he's hurt, she's hurt, who else? Come, join the party.
I guess it's pretty much normal to get hurt and fall down once in awhile.
You just have to remember who you are and learn from your mistakes.

In the end, I guess it can be counted as a happy ending to me.
Things are mostly resolved, I've grown and changed for the better.
But, doesn't mean I like to see you miserable, I'm not such a doom cookie.
Doesn't mean that I don't think of you as my friend anymore.
And it definitely doesn't mean that we can't talk to each other.
Maybe not for now, if you don't want to, or if you find it awkward,
Sooner or later, it should be fine. When this whole thing ends.

Yes, I'm feeling guilty, when it's not exactly only my fault.

Well, after all that's happened this week, I still want to be your friend.
I want to be there for you, I want to listen to you rant,
I would lend a shoulder for you to cry, but I guess it's not me that you need.
Especially not right now.
So, it's okay. Life goes on, as I like to say.

I'll wait my turn.

I just want to say, I know how you feel getting hurt,
But hurt this way, I've never been through before,
Just say strong, and be yourself for the next one coming,
If he had hurt you so much, he is not worth your tears.

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