Sunday, July 10, 2011


Twitter is definitely not a place for me to express my feelings.It's too open, I definitely have more followers on twitter compared to here.And if any of this shits offend you, make you happy or make you sad?Well too bad, I'm not asking for you to read it, you're doing it on your own will.

That's what I said in my previous post. I like to continue.
Well, this is my personal opinion about this matter.
Doesn't mean that everyone feels the same. I'm just saying.
Especially when you don't have the same people on my twitter.

Things I think you should not put up on your twitter:
1. Inappropriate & private things
2. Bitching and cussing at someone indirectly
3. Emo, this hurts so much shits

Okay, so I think that twitter is not a place for me to express my feelings.
Meaning for example, I can say, "Oh, I had a great day with @so and so."
I mean, why not? That is perfectly fine. Or things like, "I love the rain."
But I rather not put up things like, "My girlfriend and I just broke up."
Really? You really gotta tell the whole world about that? REALLY?
And they'll back themselves up when I say, I don't wanna know that shit with,
If you don't wanna know about my life, then don't follow me on twitter.
Haha. You see, I don't mind knowing what's going on with your life now dear,
But you really think all of your followers and friends on facebook want to know?
Things like that are too private to put on twitter, don't you think so?

And! Especially not tweets indirectly cussing and bitching about your friend.
Those tweets that were meant for one of your friend who follows you to read.
If it's a nice tweet saying, "I love you, you know who you are."
That's not too bad I guess, cause people will just go, awww, how sweet.
What I meant is tweets like, "You're such a homewrecker, bitch."
Geez, you sure have a lot of anger in you over there. Haha, calm your tits.

Lastly, them emo tweets. Ahh, isn't that popular among us girls now.
When a guy breaks your heart, when things don't work out,
Yeah, you've gotta let out the pain that you're feeling at that moment,
But think again, maybe, just maybe not on twitter.
You can always tell your best friends, or write in your journal.
Tweets like, "It's okay, I've been through this pain before anyways dickhead."
Not things that you would want to post on twitter I think.

Disclaimer: Yes, I was, I repeat, WAS, one of those emo and bitching twit posting girl before this, but I've definitely realize that twitter is not a place for that kind of bullshit. I'd rather blog about it, that's one of the reason I started this blog anyways. So if you wanna call me a hypocrite, I'm not, cause I no longer am that naive girl.

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