Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay, updates!

1. Yes, I lost my bb.
If you were trying to contact me through whatsapp or bbm, you can't.
Cause I recently lost my bb on my first day of work. Yes, sad. :(
But! You can still contact both my numbers cause I've retrieved the sim card.
I'm still considering whether to get a new phone or not.
Maybe not so soon. It's either wait for Blackberry 9900 or Iphone. Depends.

2. College starting on Monday!
Woot, after almost 2 months of bumming at home like an idiot,
It's time to go back to college, miss my friends and the college. :D
Then we can all have chicken supreme for breakfast and waffles for lunch. Lol!
The only part that I don't look forward to is driving and parking.
Plus the fact that they recently start charging for certain parking zones.

3. Lapsap Private Pool Party Anniversary
It's tomorrow and the x-men got invited. Woot! It's time to party!
Don't think I'll be bringing my dslr there, cause time will be wasted. Lol.
Nah, I just think that it's slightly troublesome taking care of it and stuff. Meh.
That is why I wanted a pocket camera, like G12. But nooo. -.- Self-note: Appreciate!
So, time to dust off the bikinis and put on a show tomorrow :P
Yeah, show my fats of got la. Haha. Hopefully it would be off the hook!

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