Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talk the talk

Gah, freaking exhausted from working 12 hours a day for 5 days.
But, I must say it was still fun and enjoyable.
Especially with my fellow colleagues and boss, trying to sell the products.
Haha, there are many memorable lines and things that happened.
It was a great experience and defintely good money.
Plus, our hard work paid off cause we hit the target for our sales! :D
All the ktm taking, long standing hours, aunties we try to impress. Haha.

One more week left of holidays before I start my second sem.
I'm actually excited to go back to college, cause I'm extremely bored now.
Well, I got bored after 2 weeks of holidays. I'd rather go to college. Meh.
The timetable is still not out though, hopefully it's not too packed.
This sem I have 6 core subjects, compared to last sem, 4 only.

Random, I feel like dressing up. But I got no where to go. Lol!
No worries, I WILL find an occasion to dress up to. Haha. :DD
Oh oh! And I got a pair of coloured contacts when I was working.
It's prettyyy, and no, I haven't lost the power of inserting it into my eye. Woot.
I've tried blue and grey before. This time I got dark green ones. Looks nice.
And I highlighted my hair slightly. It's red again, like the last time.
But at different area, so my old part is still slightly visible which is irritating.
I wish I can just colour that part black again. Hmm. Or just let it grow.

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