Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, as you know, I'm a tad bit OCD. Just a little.
Not to the extend that I would die if I touched dust ya know.
I decided to wipe clean some of my phones that I have.
I've been keeping most of my messages since October 2009.
Some memorable ones, some just from a memorable person and so on.
But, I stopped re-reading old messages because I've read it too many times.
When I say too many times, I mean, I know what message comes next.
Yes, I guess I WAS that obsessed. It's time to let go of the past.
Time to move on and live my life, instead of living in the past.

There are more messages that I've deleted, just didn't take any pictures.
I use to categorize them in different folders according to different senders.
So, I slowly deleted all of the just now. Hmm, kinda regret though.
It's like most of my "love" life since October 2009. Quite amazing I think.
Not a lot of people keep as many messages as I do.
One of the reasons I didn't sell my 4-5 other phones is cause I want the messages.
But now, guess not anymore. Still, it doesn't worth anything more than RM50.

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