Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On Sunday, I had a mini reunion/farewell dinner.
One of my aunt came back from London for a visit, and,
One of my cousins is going off to US soon to study.
Yeap, typical chinese dinner at a chinese restaurant. Lol, of course.
Loved ze food though. Then a stroll at the park plus picture taking sesh at DPC.

Introducing, *drum rolls*

Twin cousins, grandma and I.
This be a self-taken picture. Pretty proud of that.

Twin cousins and I.

The ladies. Missing the eldest Aunt.
From left: 2nd aunt, 3rd aunt, grandma, 4th aunt, mua.

Family picture!
Missing my eldest aunt's family and my dad(taking the picture)

And of course, I will end this post again with,
A picture of yours truly.


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